Hard Words Bruise The Heart Of A Child
Hi! My name is ALEXANDRA.
I'm 24, from Budapest, Hungary.
I'm an 80's glam rock freak in love with hair bands and good music.
Grew up watching horror movies.
This is a multifandom blog, but you'll mostly find Marvel, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Buffy, Vampire Diaries and The Lord Of the Rings.

"Integra. In this world there exists a multitude of unkillable monsters. Still everytime I see them, I think of something. Their immortality…could they truly have wished for it? For what they all seem to seek is to wage war, and endless desperate bloodstained struggles. Only leaving tears and misery behind. I don’t think they desire those things at all. On the contrary…all of this is their way of shouting and begging for death.
VAMPIRE…DRACULA…NOSFERATU…NO LIFE KING…COUNT. That man has lived on for many moons, but there is nothing left for him anymore, a castle, a kingdom, his people. He doesn’t long for a heart to care for, not even his own. A terrible ghost, forever blindly roaming, destroying everything in his path. These horrible immortal creatures…I pity them. They must live ever on in their immortal bodies under one frightening night after another in the world of darkness. They seem so pityful. They are like frightened, frail children, helplessly crying on their knees.”